Heavy-duty Ford F150 2021-2022 Bumper Kits

Looking for an aftermarket bumper for your Ford F150 2021-2022? Look no further! MOVE offers a variety of DIY bumper kits for the Ford F150 2021-2022.

Ford F150 2021-2022 Aftermarket Bumper Kits Ford F150 TRUCK DIY BUMPER KITS

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Aftermarket Ford F150 2021-2022 Bumper Kits

The Ford F150 is one of the most popular and longest-running light pickup trucks in America. The 2021 and 2022 models have been fully redesigned with the most powerful yet efficient engine ever, plenty of interior and cargo space, and numerous convenience and luxury features. Whether you’re looking for a truck to use for work or recreational purposes, the Ford F150 has everything you need.

The engine

The 2021 and 2022 F150 models feature one of the most powerful engines in its class. It is an all-new 3.5L PowerBoost hybrid V6 engine which combines a turbocharged gasoline engine with a high-output electric motor. Together the engine produces an impressive 430 horsepower and 570 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerful truck engine available in the F150 line up. As well as being powerful, the engine also provides excellent fuel efficiency with best-in-class gasoline and diesel fuel economy.


The interior of the 2021 and 2022 F150 is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The cabin features plenty of room for passengers with plenty of headroom and legroom. It also has an adjustable driver’s seat that can be adjusted to fit your body type. Other interior features include a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a nine speaker B&O sound system, and adjustable LED ambient lighting.


The exterior of the F150 is bold and stylish with a range of options available, such as 18-inch alloy wheels and rugged off-road tires. The exterior also has an integrated bumper step, allowing you to easily access the bed of the truck. Additionally, the F150 has plenty of exterior storage, including an available flexible cargo box that can be removed and reconfigured for different uses.


The F150 has plenty of tech features to keep customers connected on their journeys. All models come with SYNC 4, Ford’s latest infotainment system, which provides access to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more. The system also supports voice commands and allows you to control functions such as climate control, entertainment, and navigation from the touchscreen. The F150 also comes with several driver-assist technologies, such as lane-keep assist, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control.

The 2021 and 2022 Ford F150 is an incredibly capable pickup truck that combines power, convenience, and luxury. With its powerful yet efficient engine, spacious interior, and plenty of tech features, it has something to offer both work and recreational drivers. Furthermore, its stylish exterior, rugged design, and ample storage make it a great choice for anyone wanting a reliable and versatile pickup truck.

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