MOVE Build Spotlight: Devin H.

MOVE Build Spotlight: Devin H.

You probably have seen MOVE Brand Ambassador, Devin H.'s, truck on YouTube, at a truck show, driving around Colorado, Texas, or the country looking for truck parts or featured in our marketing. His 1999 Dodge RAM 2500 5.9 24v is one that stands out from the crowd.  Build Breakdown The Truck Devin started building his truck because he couldn't drive something stock and says "there's just no fun in that". His truck is used as a daily driver, for fun, and occasionally doing some light work. However, it's mostly for his enjoyment and sharing his build with his followers. Some of... Read more
Alex P MOVE Brand Ambassador Truck Build

MOVE Build Spotlight: Alex P.

You can find MOVE Brand Ambassador Alex P's 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 24v Cummins driving around town in the summer or at truck meets. This truck used to be her work and farm truck but is now one she enjoys photographing. This truck has always been her pride and joy. Read more
MOVE Build Spotlight: Scott L.

MOVE Build Spotlight: Scott L.

MOVE Brand Ambassador Scott L.'s 1997 Ford F150 gets a lot of attention and turns heads on the road and on social media. He has enjoyed building his truck, working with different brands and ultimately making the truck his. Read more
MOVE Bumpers Build Spotlight Aaron C

MOVE Build Spotlight: Aaron C.

You may have seen Aaron C.’s YouTube channel, met him at one of the truck shows or seen his trucks posted on MOVE’s social but what you may not know is that he is a true do-it-yourselfer and loves building trucks the way he imagines them. Aaron learned to work on trucks growing up working around his fathers repair shop. When he is not building he is a full-time Youtuber and in between he does handyman work. He is one of MOVE’s first Brand Ambassadors and has customized and built a couple of MOVE Bumpers for his trucks.  Build Breakdown... Read more
Build Spotlight - Chance L.

MOVE Build Spotlight: Chance L.

From first-time drivers to tradespeople to first responders, our bumper kits end up in the hands of all kinds of vehicle owners. But today, we’re highlighting a special type of owner: a fabricator! Chance L. is a MOVE Ambassador and fabricator at Impulse Offroad, an off-road shop that specializes in building and modifying Jeeps for racing and crawling. Chance has been welding for eighteen years, so he knows a thing or two about building a bumper! Build Breakdown The Truck Chance bought his 1999 Ford F350 from his grandparents who were the original owners, but don’t worry - it’s not... Read more
North Lights - Bright LED Light Bars, Pods, & Rock Lights

Now Offering North Lights

We’re excited to announce that we are now selling North Lights LED lights through our website! Their light bars, pods, and rock lights are super high quality and are known around the industry for their durability and extreme brightness. Built for 5 years of continuous use, these high-quality LED lights are meant to withstand any environment. The LED lights are IP69K/IP68 rating, SAE, CE, and ISO9001 certifications so you know these lights are going to hold up no matter what elements you take your truck or SUV through. They are waterproof, and shockproof, dustproof.  Light Bars We carry single and double... Read more
Matt S Truck Build - Running Boards & Truck Bumpers

MOVE Build Spotlight: Matthew S.

Just because it’s your workhorse and daily driver doesn’t mean your truck can’t look good! MOVE Ambassador Matthew S. has decked out his rig in MOVE front and rear bumpers, plus matching running boards. The Truck Matthew drives a 2002 Ford F250 Superduty with the legendary 7.3L engine. He’s had it for nine years and uses it for work and as his daily driver. While he’s proud of the way it looks, he doesn’t try too hard to keep it clean because “it gets dirty from being used as a truck!” The Inspiration Matthew has been obsessed with trucks ever since... Read more
Front and Rear Truck Bumper Build Spotlight - Willy D.

Build Spotlight - Willy D.

Some truck owners prefer a stock look, and others like to stand out! No matter how it’s done, our customers always impress us with their creativity and passion to push the limit. Today we’re taking a look at MOVE Ambassador Willy D.’s rig and the bumpers that make it stand out. The Truck Willy’s truck is more than just a vehicle - it’s his livelihood and a part of who he is. He bought the 2013 Ford F150 4x4 brand new in 2013, and it’s been his daily driver ever since. He uses it for his landscaping business and, of... Read more
Chevy Bumper Build Spotlight - Marisol

Build Spotlight - Marisol R.

Building a truck is more than adding a lift and calling it a day! MOVE Ambassador Marisol R. took her build to the next level by adding personal touches that match her style. Let’s take a look at her truck and the bumpers that make it stand out. Build Breakdown The Truck Marisol was inspired to buy her 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 after totaling her Honda Civic in an accident. She wanted a vehicle that was larger, safer, and had more visibility on the road, so that’s what she got! Since it’s her daily driver, Marisol has added some mods... Read more
Ben F - MOVE Bumper Truck Build Spotlight

Build Spotlight - Ben F.

One of our favorite things about making bumper kits is seeing where they end up! From farm rigs and family SUVs to show trucks and vintage restorations - we see a little bit of everything. Today we’re taking a look at MOVE Ambassador Ben F.’s rig and the MOVE Bumpers that make it special.  Build Breakdown   The Truck Ben has owned his 2001 GMC Sierra for about two years. Because he uses it as a daily driver, the mods he’s added are practical enough for the road while still turning heads at shows and events. Some of his mods... Read more

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