Heritage Series DIY Bumper Kits

Vintage Style

With its timeless style and robust strength, the Heritage front and rear bumper kits provide practical utility and classic style ideal for everyday use. The Heritage is an upgrade over the original factory bumper kit, and is built stronger and heavier giving it superior strength and durability while maintaining a look true of your classic truck or SUV.

Heritage Series Aftermarket Bumper Kits

Heritage Series

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Heritage Series DIY Bumper Kits

A Nod to the Classics

True to the vintage style of the trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps of yesteryear, the Heritage bumper kit provides practical utility along with a traditional, time-honored look.

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US Made Heavy-duty aftermarket steel bumpers - MOVE Bumpers

Easy to customize

Designed for simple customization, our bumpers are ideal for truck mod enthusiasts. Weld it. Paint it. Make it yours.

US made bumper kits - MOVE Bumpers


MOVE bumpers are made of heavy-duty raw U.S. steel, making them strong enough to tackle any job, no matter how tough.

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Made to move

Whether your truck is for work, play, or both, our bumpers are designed to keep you moving. And moving. And moving.

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