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Looking to outfit your fleet or your clients' fleet with heavy-duty bumpers?

MOVE Bumpers offers front and rear aftermarket bumpers for a wide array of fleet vehicles and vans. Our bumpers are fully customizable to your needs including adding a custom logo in the front of the bumper. 

Why add a front or rear bumper to your fleet vehicles?

We understand how important quality is, especially when managing commercial fleet vehicles and/or working with outfitters — your fleets or customer's vehicles have demanding jobs and the fleets must be dependable. MOVE bumpers can protect and add utility to fleet vehicles that help you and/or your customers stay protected and do their jobs best.

Front & Rear Truck & Van Bumpers
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Bumper Features & Options

MOVE Bumpers can be customized and designed for your specific fleet needs.

  • Weld-it-Yourself or Fully Fabricated
  • Custom Logo Cut in the Front Bumper
  • Made with heavy-duty 3/16" U.S. Steel 
  • Finishing Options Including Paint or Powder Coating for Fully Finished Bumpers 
  • Various Custom Options Include Light Bar Cutouts, Wing Lights, Winch Mounts, Tow Hooks and More.
  • Fast Shipping - Ships in Days, Not Weeks
  • Made in the America

Customize & Protect Your Fleet Vehicles Today

To get started protecting your fleet and customizing your bumpers fill out the form below and our fleet sales team will contact you.

Please note that a minimum of 5 bumpers are required to qualify for a fleet discount. 

Front & Rear Truck & Van Bumpers
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