Heavy-duty Ford Bronco 1987-1991 Bumper Kits

Looking for an aftermarket bumper for your Ford Bronco 1987-1991? Look no further! MOVE offers a variety of DIY bumper kits for the Ford Bronco 1987-1991.

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Aftermarket Ford Bronco 1987-1991 Bumper Kits

The Ford Bronco is one of the most iconic SUVs on the road today and has been the centerpiece of Ford's SUV lineup since it was introduced back in 1966. It has become one of the most popular vehicles on the road due to its rugged design, powerful engine and solid off-road capability. The Bronco was one of the first sport utility vehicles to hit the market and has been a popular choice among SUV enthusiasts since its debut.

The 1987-1991 model year was one of the most successful runs of the classic Bronco. During this period, the Bronco was available in two distinct trims: the Bronco XL and the Bronco XLT. Both offered a strong and reliable 6-cylinder engine that could either be mated to a 4-speed manual transmission or an optional A4LD automatic. Depending on the model, the Bronco was available with a wide range of exterior features such as fog lights, running boards and a removable top.

The Bronco's suspension system featured coil springs over shock absorbers in the front and a live axle at the rear. This arrangement delivered the perfect blend of comfort and off-road capability. The advanced four-wheel drive system allowed easy maneuverability both on- and off-road and had three drive modes “High”, “Low” and “Neutral” for better control.

The Bronco was also popular for its spacious interior featuring cloth upholstery on the seat, stereo system, optional power windows and mirrors and a wealth of storage compartments and nooks. The interior of the Bronco was designed with comfort and convenience in mind and the driving experience was greatly improved over its predecessor the Bronco II.

The 1987-1991 model year was an extremely successful one for the Bronco. Thanks to its reliable engine, strong frame, and capable off-road capability, the Bronco was awarded “4x4 of the Year” by Four Wheeler magazine and was voted “Top Pickup” by Consumer Guide.

Today, the Ford Bronco is still a popular choice among off-road and outdoor enthusiast. The rugged look and its unbeatable off-road capabilities make it the perfect vehicle to take on any adventure. Its timeless design and impressive list of features make the 1987-1991 model year Ford Bronco a good option for those looking for a classic SUV with plenty of character.

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