Alex P MOVE Brand Ambassador Truck Build

MOVE Build Spotlight: Alex P.

You can find MOVE Brand Ambassador Alex P's 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 24v Cummins driving around town in the summer or at truck meets. This truck used to be her work and farm truck but is now one she enjoys photographing. This truck has always been her pride and joy. 

2001 Dodge Ram 2500

Build Breakdown

The Truck

Ever since Alex bought the truck, she's wanted a nice truck that she could be proud of and to show off that older vehicles can still be restored and used. She was inspired to build her truck by others that have built their trucks from the ground up by themselves and put in all the hard work. 

Some of the more notable upgrades to the truck have been:

  • Paint Scheme
  • FASS Lift Pump
  • Wheels
  • Tires

Dodge at Truck Meet

The Bumpers

Alex chose to use MOVE Bumpers on the front and rear of her Dodge Ram 2500. She wanted to have an aggressive look with her truck. 

Classic Front Bumper Kit


The Front Bumper

MOVE Classic Series Front Bumper Kit

  • Standard MOVE logo
  • Clevis Mounts
  • 1 Set of Light Cutouts

Classic Rear Bumper Kit

The Rear Bumper

MOVE Classic Series Rear Bumper Kit

  • Paint matched

Why Move?

Alex P. chose MOVE Bumpers because of the good reputation in the truck community, great employees to work with and the bumper does not contain any plastic that fades or cracks. 

Follow Alex and her truck build on Instagram @foresaken_diesel5.9 and her truck photos at @foresaken_photography 


Brand Ambassador Alex P.  

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