Front and Rear Truck Bumper Build Spotlight - Willy D.

Build Spotlight - Willy D.

Some truck owners prefer a stock look, and others like to stand out! No matter how it’s done, our customers always impress us with their creativity and passion to push the limit. Today we’re taking a look at MOVE Ambassador Willy D.’s rig and the bumpers that make it stand out.

MOVE Front Bumper

The Truck

Willy’s truck is more than just a vehicle - it’s his livelihood and a part of who he is. He bought the 2013 Ford F150 4x4 brand new in 2013, and it’s been his daily driver ever since. He uses it for his landscaping business and, of course, a platform to modify and have fun with!

“I started building years ago when I purchased my first truck at 21. Four trucks later and I’m still enjoying building.”

The Inspiration

Willy describes himself as someone who likes change, and that’s what drives him to continuously add to his vehicles. He’s constantly thinking of new ways to make his truck stand out, and he’s clearly done a great job! An avid part of his local truck community, Willy also gets inspiration from friends who are building trucks of their own.

“Even though I think a build is good, there’s always room for improvement and new looks.”

Rear MOVE Logo

The Bumpers

This is Willy’s second set of MOVE bumpers! When he was looking for bumpers to add to his truck, one thing was more important than anything else - customization.

“I chose a DIY because I was able to customize it to my specs. Also, it was interesting to see how my bumper was welded.”

Let’s take a look at Willy’s front bumper:

Precision 2.5" Prerunner Front Bumper Kit

MOVE Precision 2.5" Prerunner Front Bumper Kit

  • 30” light bar cutout
  • Universal Light Pockets
  • Painted high-gloss black
  • Paint-matched inserts under MOVE logo
  • Paint-matched trim pieces to match body
  • Spike tips

“My favorite thing about my front bumper is that I had my truck’s name - Red Iron Hide - plasma cut on the bottom.” - Willy D.

For the rear, Willy decided to go with a Classic Rear Bumper Kit. He painted it to match the front and added a few small mods. Let’s take a look:

 Classic Rear Bumper Kit

MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit

  • Light hole cutouts with flush-mount LED Pods
  • Painted to high-gloss black
  • Spike tips and red accents to match front bumper

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