Ben F - MOVE Bumper Truck Build Spotlight

Build Spotlight - Ben F.

One of our favorite things about making bumper kits is seeing where they end up! From farm rigs and family SUVs to show trucks and vintage restorations - we see a little bit of everything. Today we’re taking a look at MOVE Ambassador Ben F.’s rig and the MOVE Bumpers that make it special. 

Build Breakdown


The Truck

Ben has owned his 2001 GMC Sierra for about two years. Because he uses it as a daily driver, the mods he’s added are practical enough for the road while still turning heads at shows and events. Some of his mods include:
  • 6” suspension lift
  • 3” body lift
  • 2” leveling kit
  • 24x12” Arkon Offroad wheels
  • 40x15.5” Fury Tires
  • 12.5” drop Gen-Y Hitch
  • Custom headlights by Patriot Lighting

Pancho’s Army

After 14 years of playing baseball, Ben has no shortage of coaches who impacted his life. But one stands out above the rest: Pancho. When Pancho was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in 2014, it shook the community. Players, families, and friends rallied around Pancho with love and support, and “Pancho’s Army” was formed. Unfortunately, Pancho lost his battle with cancer, but his memory lives on. When Ben began building his truck, he knew that dedicating it to Pancho was the perfect way to continue the legacy of a great man, friend, and coach.

The Bumpers

When Ben started looking for bumpers to complete his truck, the choice was easy - MOVE!

“I was just searching for bumpers and saw the Precision Front Bumper Kit, and I thought to myself, I want that one!” He loved how it was a DIY kit and that it was easily customizable. Let’s take a look at Ben’s front bumper:

Precision Front Bumper Kit
MOVE Precision Front Bumper Kit

  • 30” Light Bar Cutout
  • Universal Light Pockets
  • Painted to match body
  • Diablo Shackles by MojaveParts

After building and customizing his front bumper, Ben was ready for a rear! He decided on a Classic Rear Bumper Kit and painted it to match the front. Let’s take a look:
MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit

MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit

  • MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit
  • Offroad Clevis Mounts
  • Painted to match body
  • Diablo Shackles by MojaveParts

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