MOVE Bumpers Build Spotlight Aaron C

MOVE Build Spotlight: Aaron C.

You may have seen Aaron C.’s YouTube channel, met him at one of the truck shows or seen his trucks posted on MOVE’s social but what you may not know is that he is a true do-it-yourselfer and loves building trucks the way he imagines them.
Aaron learned to work on trucks growing up working around his fathers repair shop. When he is not building he is a full-time Youtuber and in between he does handyman work. He is one of MOVE’s first Brand Ambassadors and has customized and built a couple of MOVE Bumpers for his trucks. 
Aaron's Truck Build

Build Breakdown

The Truck

Aaron got his truck 10 years ago from “Howey” where it was a farm truck for many years. “Funny name for a city… but it’s actually from Howey In The Hills… it’s a city in Florida with a weird name, not a guy named Howey.” 

The truck didn’t run for the last 7 years of its farm life and was set to be his first truck when he turned 15. The day of his 15th birthday he rushed home from school to see it and when he went to start it, it didn’t run. This is where this project and his love of building trucks all began — when he and his father first got its 351 Windsor engine running again.

While it is still a working project and has more to come, some of his current mods include::

  • 20” custom fabricated lift with 9” Coils
  • 24” x 14” American Truxx forged Kronos rims
  • 1978 Ford F150 axles and springs
  • FlowTech long tube headers
  • Edelbrock 1406 4 barrel carburetor
  • 3” McNeil bulge fenders and bedsides

The Bumpers

Aaron loves to fabricate and customize. So when it came to choosing bumpers he knew exactly what he was looking for, and wanted the option to customize the look and accessories on the bumper — for these reasons he chose the MOVE Classic Series.

“The customization and the fact you can tell people that YOU built it is the best part. Being able to design it, weld it together and finish it makes you appreciate it so much more. You can choose many options or even remove options and make it your own. The price is also great… you can get the highest quality bumper for a fraction of the price and you get to support an American made bumper from a family owned business.”

Aaron's Front Bumper Kit


MOVE Classic Series Front Bumper Kit


Aaron's Rear Bumper Kit

MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit

What's Next

Aaron has further plans for his ‘85 Ford. When asked “what comes next” and “what makes his truck unique” he had a few things in mind.

“One thing that is really unique is the truck itself. Nobody ever customizes the bullnose fords from the 80's. I've only seen one at a show in the last 4 years. It currently has the 351 windsor engine in it and it's a good motor but I'd like to do a 7.3 diesel swap and frame swap sometime in the future. That would be cool.”

And the unique colored paint has a story of its own as well…

“In 2015 I was rear ended on the way home from the Daytona truck meet and insurance wanted to total the truck. It’s also impossible to color match 37-year old paint, so I just decided to repair the truck myself and I really liked the blue Infinity Genesis color… and so I had to go with it. Since then and since adding the bumpers it’s really distinguished the look of the truck and it really turns heads.”

Aaron C's Truck Build with MOVE Bumpers 

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