MOVE Build Spotlight: Devin H.

MOVE Build Spotlight: Devin H.

You probably have seen MOVE Brand Ambassador, Devin H.'s, truck on YouTube, at a truck show, driving around Colorado, Texas, or the country looking for truck parts or featured in our marketing. His 1999 Dodge RAM 2500 5.9 24v is one that stands out from the crowd. 

Dodge Ram 2500

Build Breakdown

The Truck

Devin started building his truck because he couldn't drive something stock and says "there's just no fun in that". His truck is used as a daily driver, for fun, and occasionally doing some light work. However, it's mostly for his enjoyment and sharing his build with his followers.

Some of the upgrades that stand out on Devin's truck are:

  • Texas Flag Grille
  • Hood Stack
  • Headlights

superdwarf ram truck build

The truck travels all over the country to shows and gets driven every mile so far with 100% success. His coolest story is taking is truck from Denver through Utah/Nevada, down the Las Vegas strip, up to Hollywood to Fresno California just to pick up a Hide N Slide tool box bed. That is going to be his next most notable mod that will continue to make his truck unique. 

The Bumpers

Devin chose MOVE Bumpers Embark Series for his front and rear to add protection to his truck. He mentions that people drive like maniacs in Colorado and they give him the peace of mind knowing they are going to hold up as good as they look.

The Embark rear bumper is going to be important when he adds the Hide N Side since the bed sides will be fiber glass and the rear Embark bumper will wrap around the corner to provide extra protection. 

Embark Front Bumper


The Front Bumper

MOVE Embark Series Front Bumper Kit

  • Center Light Bar Cutout
  • 2 Set of Wing Light Trick Tabs

Embark Rear

The Rear Bumper

MOVE Embark Series Rear Bumper Kit

  • 1 Light Trick Tabs

Why Move?

Devin H. chose MOVE Bumpers because of the Embark style is what he had envisioned for his build and the quality. Price was a key factor as well as other similar bumpers would have been $1500-2000 a piece. He invested less in his two bumpers with paying for welding labor than if he would have if he had bought other bumpers he was looking at. 

He mentions that MOVE Bumpers are "just good value for the money which is very hard to come by on anything these days". 

Follow Devin and his truck build on Instagram @superdwarf_ and all the trucks modifications on YouTube


superdwarf photos 

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