Matt S Truck Build - Running Boards & Truck Bumpers

MOVE Build Spotlight: Matthew S.

Just because it’s your workhorse and daily driver doesn’t mean your truck can’t look good! MOVE Ambassador Matthew S. has decked out his rig in MOVE front and rear bumpers, plus matching running boards.

Side Truck Image

The Truck

Matthew drives a 2002 Ford F250 Superduty with the legendary 7.3L engine. He’s had it for nine years and uses it for work and as his daily driver. While he’s proud of the way it looks, he doesn’t try too hard to keep it clean because “it gets dirty from being used as a truck!”

The Inspiration

Matthew has been obsessed with trucks ever since seeing the Bigfoot monster truck as a kid in the 1980s. Since then, he’s made a habit of modifying his vehicles “to stand out and be different from everyone else.”

“Once I started making trucks cool. I couldn’t stop. It’s a hobby I’ll take to my grave.”

Front Bumper

The Running Boards

Matthew decided his truck wouldn’t complete without a solid set of running boards! He went with the Precision Series Running Boards and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. 

“I'm in love with how slim and strong they are. Totally customizable to fit snug as a bug in a rug! They make getting in so much nicer, and the perforation makes your feet not slip off.”

Running Boards

The Bumpers

Matthew has a true MOVE rig - it’s tricked out with a front bumper, rear bumper, and running boards! When he was shopping around, one thing about MOVE stood out to him: DIY. Matthew says the idea of “built, not bought” resonated with him because he loves being hands-on with his modifications.

“I chose a DIY because I love to fab things up and make things absolutely perfect.”

Let’s take a look at Matthew’s front bumper: front bumper:

Front Truck Bumper

MOVE Precision 2.5" Prerunner Front Bumper Kit

  • 30” light bar cutout
  • Universal Light Pockets
  • Color-matched Raptor Liner

“It makes the truck look tough as nails, but keeps it looking clean and sleek. Deer don’t stand a chance!” - Matthew S.

For the rear, Matthew decided to go with a Classic Rear Bumper Kit. He painted it to match the front and added a few small mods. Let’s take a look:

Rear Truck Bumper Kits 

MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit

  • Light hole cutouts with LED Pods
  • Color-matched Raptor Liner

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