Classic 1.5" Prerunner Bumper Kit

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This is a DIY Bumper Kit - Welding is required for assembly. Cut, miter or coping is required for the tube portion.

  • The 1.5" Prerunner weld-it-yourself bumper kit is made with 3/16 inch plate steel
  • ½-inch plate clevis hooks with a 1-inch hole
  • 1.5-inch prerunner tubing with 1.25-inch wing tube
  • Upgrade to a cutout for a 20-inch or 30-inch light bar 
  • Add 1 or 2 wing square light holes per side with the wing light holes options
  • The off-road upgrade includes an upgraded center section to ¼ inch plate steel, ¼ inch frame mounts, and ¾ inch plate clevis hooks.
  • Receive a 1/4" winch mounting plate with the optional Winch Mount Off-road upgrade which includes a smaller MOVE logo and airflow holes
  • Option to move the logo to the bottom right of the bumper*

Please Note: Cut, miter or coping required for the tube portion of this 1.5" Prerunner front bumper kit. Will come in 8-15 raw, unfinished US steel pieces. 

1.5" Prerunner Front Bumper Kit ~ 130 lbs

Offroad 1.5" Prerunner Front Bumper Kit ~ 155 lbs

U.S. made raw steel

Wing light holes fit standard 3"x3" LED cube lights 

Winch mount option is based off a basic/standard 8000 lb. winch. Some customers have used a larger winch (10000+ lbs). Please contact us if you need more information about winch sizing in the 1.5" Prerunner front bumper.

All bumper kits are custom made. 

The 1.5" Prerunner Front Bumper Kit includes all the pieces specifically cut for your truck/suv including main pieces, 2" diameter prerunner center bars, 3/16" plate uprights, frame mounts, trim pieces, and clevis hooks. You'll use your own factory bolts to mount the front bumper to your vehicle once the bumper kit has been welded. 

The optional Off-road Upgrade includes a 1/4" center, 1/4" frame mounts and 3/4" thick clevis hooks.

Upgrade to the Off-road with Winch Mount option and the front bumper kit will come with a 1/4" winch mounting plate. The MOVE logo will be relocated to the top center with airflow holes on both sides.

* The relocation of the MOVE logo is not available with the winch upgrade.

Instructions included on how to weld the 1.5" Classic Prerunner front bumper kit along with installation renderings for the specific vehicle. If you're needing more information on the bumper kits check out our building your bumper kit information. 

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1.5" Prerunner Truck Bumper Kit Options
1.5" Prerunner Truck Bumper Kit Options


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