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Twisted Infidel

Phoenix, AZ
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I am a military veteran acting as a sole fabricator.  I work in Phoenix, Arizona, and have been a fabricator for 12 plus years. I can install and store bought equipment from another shop. I can build one off bumpers, roll cages, shooting targets, gates and fences.

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  • Custom Fabrication
  • Custom Parts
  • Off-road shop
  • Portable welding service
  • Repairs and Services


  • 250 Amp 220 MIG Welder or larger with gas
  • 4-1/2" Grinder with buffing wheels
  • Chop saw, abrasive or cold saw
  • CNC Table Cutting
  • Manual tubing bender
  • Manual tubing coper/notcher


 I am a one man operation with a smaller overhead cost than most full blown shops. Therefore I don't charger 75 to 85 dollars an hour I do 35 dollars an hour. 

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Reviews (1)

  • By Jennifer Phillips

    "A custom tube bumper on front and rear of my truck. When it's finished with paint I will upload a photo. "

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