Making MOVES for Local Students

Making MOVES for Local Students

We’re excited to share a great new bumper build, right here in our local community of Lewistown, Montana! This build is extra special to us, not just because it’s in our hometown but also because it’s being done by some talented high school students building our DIY Bumper Kits that MOVE Bumpers happily donated to their class.

Last week, MOVE Bumpers CEO and Founder Jim Steen had the pleasure of visiting Fergus High School where he gave a special presentation to students exploring careers in the welding and auto industries. As part of their final project, the juniors and seniors in teacher Jared Long’s Ag Structure and Technology class are making modifications to their own trucks as a way of gaining real-world experience. We were thrilled to be able to donate six of our weld-it-yourself bumper kits (valued at over $2,300) to these eager students as a way of giving back to our community. Jim himself is a graduate of Fergus High School, and having lived his whole life in Lewistown, is excited to inspire a new generation of welders.

“Lewistown is a huge part of our success story and we want to continue to honor where we started,” says MOVE Bumpers Founder and CEO Jim Steen. “We want to see manufacturing grow in Montana, and a key part of supporting local businesses is getting students interested in these kind of jobs. I enjoyed returning to Fergus High School, getting to know the students, and look forward to seeing their finished projects.” - Jim Steen, MOVE Bumpers CEO & Founder

Jim and the MOVE team gave a hands-on presentation to the class, helping students get started with their bumper build. Jim also took the time to speak with the students about career opportunities, giving them insight into what goes into running a business like MOVE.

“The gratitude I feel, I can’t put into words. This is a huge step forward in building and creating not just a bumper, but a future. There are good and well-paying jobs out there in Lewistown for these kids and I think we’ll see a far-reaching impact in that it really opens a door for them. It’s one thing to give a lecture, but to have someone within the community come with that much knowledge and intelligence, I was blown away! I’m so thankful to Jim and the MOVE team.” - Jared Long, Fergus High School Teacher


The Ag Structure and Technology students will be presenting their final projects in May - make sure to check back as we’ll be showcasing their work on our blog and social media pages!


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