AIM Series Light Bar with RGB-W Backlight

AIM Series light bars by North Lights feature the latest technology in light bars. This is not your average light bar! Allows for various light functions and intensity. Plus, 7 different backlight colors. 

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AIM (Adjustable Intensity Magnitude) Series light bar in 20", 30", or 50". Adjust from Hi/Lo beam, scene beam, day running light or RGB backlight. Select from 6 different intensity levels using the provided controller.  

Plus, this light bar features RGB-W backlight with 7 available colors including red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple or cyan.

Light beam pattern from 15 degrees using the narrow spot all the way up to 120-degree scene beam. Features osram 10W & 5W lights. 

Adjustable universal light mount bracket allows for easy installation. 

  • Available in 20", 30", or 50"
  • IP69K (dustproof, high-pressure waterproof, shockproof)
  • Includes universal adjustable mounting brackets
  • Amphenol Deutsche connectors
  • Heavy-duty wiring harness included with switch controller for various functions
  • Bright white intensity controlled with backlight color options
  • 7 backlight colors - Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Purple or Cyan
  • 20" - 17850 lumens, 30" - 30800 lumens, 50" - 50100 lumens

Note- To change the RGB colors hold the RGB button for 5 seconds to change between colors. 


Watts: 20" - 248W, 30" - 372W, 50" 620W

Weight: 20" - 12 lbs, 30" - 17 lbs, 50" - 28 lbs.

AMP Draw: 20" - 10.2A, 30" - 15.7A, 50" - 28.3A

Life Span: 5 years continuous use or 50,000+ hours

Sealed Waterproof Deutsch Connectors

All parts 100% Waterproof

Hi/Lo Beam

6 different intensity levels

RGB Backlight 


Designed for off-road use only

  • 1 Light Bar
  • Wiring harness with controller switch 
  • Adjustable universal mounting brackets
  • Mounting hardware


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