6 or 8-Piece - Multi-Color (RGB) LED Rock Lights

With unbeatable brightness, durability, and easy installation options, you can trick out your rock-crawler, show-truck, ATV or trailer with the best RGB (color changing) LED rock lights (underglow) on the market. Install these inside or outside your rig.

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Select from millions of color options, preprogrammed sequences, or even upload a picture of your rig to match the color using the Bluetooth controlled app that works on your phone or iPad. Even allow the LED rock lights to change color to the music you play. 

These super-bright RGB rock or underglow lights come in a set of 6 or 8 with all the hardware you need to easily install them to your truck, SUV or trailer. Includes a wiring harness with a switch and the Bluetooth controller. 

If you are looking to expand the 6 or 8 set you can purchase individual RGB rock lights and splitters to increase the number of lights in the set. 

IP69K with 18 or 24 LEDS. Dimensions are 2.91" x 0.75" x 1.61".  Includes stainless steel hardware for versatile mounting. Designed for off-road use only.

6-Piece Kit Additional Details

  • 6-piece wiring connector (1.31 feet/0.4 meters) 
  • 6 individual RGB rock lights with 4-pieces at 11.48 feet/3.5 meters and 2-pieces at 16.40 feet/5 meters of wiring

8-Piece Kit Additional Details

  • 8-piece wiring connector (1.31 feet/0.4 meters) 
  • 8 individual RGB rock lights with 4-pieces at 11.48 feet/3.5 meters and 4-pieces at 16.40 feet/5 meters of wiring

6 or 8-piece RGB LED rock light kit includes lights with wiring, wiring harness, switch, mounting hardware, rubber mounting pad and bluetooth controller. Multi-color RGB includes bluetooth wireless controller instructions that you can connect directly to your bluetooth on your phone or iPad.


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