Time for a MOVE Bumpers refresh! If you’ve known us for a while now, hi friends. If you’re new to MOVE and don’t know a ton about us: welcome! Here is some info on who MOVE is and what we do.

MOVE is an industry leader in aftermarket, heavy-duty steel truck bumpers — with a twist. Because our bumper kits are do-it-yourself, they’re half the price of most pre-assembled aftermarket bumpers. We love trucks, and know how hard it is to find affordable, great quality truck parts — so we created our own, and now we’re the top DIY bumper kit manufacturer on the market.


First, you’ll choose your truck’s make, model and year. From there, customize your bumper with the exact specifications you’d like using our Bumper Builder tool.

These options include:

Type: front or rear bumper

Series: Classic or Precision

Style: push bar/prerunner bumper

Customizations: light holes, offroad upgrades, winchmount setup, logo placement and more

Our Bumper Builder shows you each option in real time, so you know exactly how your bumper will look once assembled. We also have a gallery of photos submitted by MOVE customers, so you know how our bumpers look on each specific make, model and year.


Your DIY Bumper Kit contains everything you need for your build, short of welding tools. Every standard MOVE DIY Bumper Kit comes with 5 main pieces, including the center, 2 wings and 2 end caps, as well as frame mounts, trim pieces and clevis hooks.

The pieces are pre-cut and pre-bent to your truck specifically, and are ready for you to weld together or bring to a local welder (find one easily using our MOVE Welder Directory). If you’ve ordered additional lights and wiring, you’ll get those too.

(Pictured: Classic DIY Prerunner Kit w/ lights)


Once your parts are delivered, it’s time to build! The build and installation process only takes 4-5 hours for experienced welders. For newer welders, the build and installation process makes a great weekend project.

Each DIY Kit comes with instructions and assembly drawings to guide you through your build; you can also learn how to build your DIY bumper step-by-step on our YouTube channel or in this article, thanks to our friends at Truck Trend Magazine.

We also have a tech support team readily available, with both email and phone support to walk you through your build. You should have your new MOVE bumper on your truck in no time.

Side note: we’d love if you’d send us pics during the build process. You may even get featured on our website or social media.


Our bumpers are both stylish and protective, because we know how important it is for your truck to be sexy AND strong. Plus, we’re really serious about our customers. We genuinely care about your experience with us and with our bumpers, and we’re here to help however we can, every step of the way.

“These bumpers are amazing and the staff at MOVE Bumpers are just as great. Bought 2 bumpers as gifts for our boys for Christmas and Graduation presents. The boys loved them and they look awesome on their Fords, my guys had a great time building and installing them. Will definitely buy for them again. Thanks MOVE Bumpers.”

— Pamela H., a happy customer  

Check out more of our customer testimonials, then get to work: start building your bumper today!



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