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MOVE Mission


To combine modern technology with a passion for quality and provide bumper products of the highest quality to mobilize the automobile industry, while offering enhanced protection and class.


We strive to become the most sought after provider of high quality bumper kits and bumper products by:

  • Executing every project with complete safety and accountability
  • Operating at benchmark levels with equal emphasis to quality, time and cost
  • Taking care of our clients by keeping their vehicles protected and providing them with quality driven and cost efficient offerings
  • Focusing on development, expansion and growth to provide clients with more value
  • Constantly trying to upgrade our range of offerings with greater emphasis on design elements.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability is not compromised in the process of attaining organizational goals.
  • To give back to the environment and to the community while achieving our business goals.


  • Safety ­– Executing every project in complete safety and ensuring the same for our clients is our highest priority.
  • Concern – Nothing but concern for our clients can drive us to operate at benchmark levels and provide only the best.
  • Ethics – From the concept of every project to its completion, we strive to achieve all our goals following the highest accepted ethical standards in the industry.
  • Diligence – Ensure that all our operations are undertaken with complete thoroughness.
  • Accountability – To ensure that we do not cause harm to any environmental element in the course of business development and growth.
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