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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing at MOVE

What makes MOVE DIY bumper kits so great?

DIY KITSThe MOVE bumper kit is designed using the latest engineering and most innovative manufacturing processes. We use state-of–the-art 3D technology, as well as integrated CNC machines, for fabrication and forming.  

Close attention to detail during fabrication and use of high-quality materials that can withstand the toughest conditions are critical components of our manufacturing process.

A general industry standard for heavy duty bumper material is 3/16" A-36 plate and MOVE kits are devoted to following the same high standards as well - our tubing sizes and thicknesses vary by application. The tubing wall thickness varies from .095 - .120 and tubing diameter from 1.25"- 2".

We are constantly trying to upgrade our offerings and put greater emphasis on design elements. The incredibly stylish, frame-mounted design of our bumpers provides a much-required toughness to our products. You'll have heavy-duty protection every time you’re on the road.

Our DIY bumper kits offer a streamlined look of strength that will let everyone know your truck means business!

Looking for sturdy protection from the hazards of collisions or off-roading?

Our tough, weld-it-yourself, pre-designed bumper kits are the perfect solution. MOVE develops carefully manufactured custom bumper kits as well as robust factory finished front end protection systems that are truly durable and of high-quality.

No matter what rig you're driving, you'll be able to install our sturdy bumpers with ease.

What do you get when you install a MOVE bumper kit on your truck?

Enhanced strength: that’s what you get after completely welding our kit bumpers!

These heavy duty bumpers are durable enough to protect your front end for years. MOVE bumpers will equip your vehicle with a look of resilience and elegance that is a class apart!

What’s more is our cost-effective, easy-to-assemble hardware doesn’t require any additional service or professional installation—just the welding tools you already have!

MOVE custom-made bumpers are a perfect fit for your truck, your pocket book, and your style.

How much do they cost?

Our DIY bumper kits start at only $395; $495 for the pre-runner; and $750 for the bumper with full grill kit.  You won't find this kind of quality at these low prices anywhere else!

Build your DIY Bumper Kit now!

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