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Heberle's Offroad

Vacaville, CA
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We moved back to Vacaville our hometown – to open a Shop to show our appreciation to our hometown, our family, friends and to our new found friends, and wanting to give back to the community! The work we do for our customers is not about the beginning process it’s about the whole experience of the job from the moment you walk in to the very end when you drive away, happy! 😊 Seeing someone excited or happy about their Truck, Car or Van is the most rewarding feeling and to bring our knowledge here and spread it over our hometown is the most amazing experience and adventure ever!

Robert has 25 years of experience in the auto field. For the last two decades he has gone between being an Ironworker, with his second job as a general mechanic. He has fabricator move bumpers and many other things. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and what he can do for you. His work is very efficient and properly done for your satisfaction and safety. If you bring him a challenge he isn’t quick to say no – he is more than willing to do the job and get it done the way you want it. Robert is honest about what he does and what needs to be done. If he doesn’t know how to do it, he is more than willing to find out how, he will be up front and tell you exactly that too! He won’t persuade you to buy something you don’t want or need, but he will give you other options before taking on the job just so there is an understanding of what is out there and what you maybe wanting for your ride. Robert is energetic, hard-working, intelligent, practical, reliable, straight forward, determined personality yet humble, easy to talk to, and laid-back. Robert is flexible with his time and is more than willing to work with you to get any job done. You need him to come to you or if you need to come before hours or after, he will. If you can only come on Sunday, he will be here for you. There isn’t a job to big or to small he will help any way possible.

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  • Custom Fabrication
  • Custom Parts
  • General machine/welding job shop
  • Mechanic shop
  • Off-road shop
  • Portable welding service
  • Repairs and Services
  • Truck Parts & Accessories


  • 145 Amp 110 MIG Welder with gas
  • 4-1/2" Grinder with buffing wheels
  • Chop saw, abrasive or cold saw


Every lift is different the price is really on the customer as to what you are looking to get for your vehicle. Any accessories or auto parts are pretty general and again its all up to the customer on what they want and what they want to spend.

As for shop labor cost we feel its pretty reasonable $95.00 an hour. 

We try and work with anyone on what you are looking for or wanting. 


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*Free shipping in the continental U.S. valid on all bumper kits, gear, and lights. Shipping charges may apply to any parts and/or accessories that are ordered individually.

*Free shipping in the continental U.S. valid on all bumper kits, gear, and lights. Shipping charges may apply to any parts and/or accessories that are ordered individually.