We’re Adjusting Our Prices On 10/15

We’re Adjusting Our Prices On 10/15

Posted by Devin Blythe on

In an effort to keep the MOVE community up to date, we wanted to let you know ahead of time that effective October 15, 2018, our pricing structure for all DIY Bumper Kits will change.

We will be increasing the cost of most of our kits but also incorporating free U.S. shipping into this new pricing structure. The main reason for this price change is that the cost of materials is steadily rising. Since we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our bumpers, this means paying the steep tariffs that have recently been implemented on all imported steel. In order to afford the rising cost of steel, all DIY Bumper Kits will increase by $100.

The good news is, we’ve found a way to keep the overall price of your bumper kit orders down: free shipping.

When we roll out the $100 bumper kit price increase, MOVE will also begin absorbing the $75 shipping fee that is currently applied to all U.S. orders. The end result? We can afford to keep manufacturing the tough, high-quality steel bumpers you love, and your overall price only increases by $25.

All Classic and Precision DIY Bumper Kits prices will increase by $100, with the exception of the classic Full Grill, which will remain $750.

Here’s a breakdown of all the new prices for our DIY Bumper Kits:

Classic Series:

  • Classic Front $495
  • Classic Rear $495
  • Classic 1.5” Prerunner $595
  • Classic 2.5” Prerunner $670
  • Classic Square Force Prerunner $595
  • Classic Tubular Sport Prerunner $595
  • Full Grill: $750

Precision Series:

  • Precision Front $545
  • Precision Rear $545
  • Precision 1.5” Prerunner $645
  • Precision 2.5” Prerunner $720
  • Precision Square Force Prerunner $645
  • Precision Tubular Sport Prerunner $645

*All bumpers now include free U.S. shipping*

International orders will include a surcharge, details to follow.

We are so thankful for all of our customers, which is why we’re letting you know about this price change a full month in advance. We’ve done everything in our power to keep this price increase as minimal as possible, but we still want to give you one more month to take advantage of our current pricing structure.

Do you have friends on the fence about purchasing a MOVE DIY Bumper Kit? Let them know that if they want our current prices, they should order before October 15th!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at support@movebumpers.com.


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