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About Us


Who are we? MOVE employs state of the art advanced technologies, like 3D technology for instance, to accomplish that incredibly sleek and classy look required to complement your vehicle. This technology, combined with the latest in CNC machine and metal forming equipment, helps develop sturdy and highly durable products that effectively complements the functionality of your truck.

The Product

We know that bumpers are one of the most essential aftermarket upgrades for your vehicle and one that will save you the hassle of unwarranted collisions and their resulting damages. We thought, why not do it with some class! MOVE Bumpers is forging ahead with path-breaking designs for its line of weld-it-yourself bumpers (patent pending). Additionally, through a partnership with Black Oak LED, we supply LED lights for your truck. Our specialized line of products will usher in a new era in fabricated automotive accessories. MOVE with us... MOVE into a whole new class.

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